Norfolk SantaCon 2011

Norfolk Santacon VI: Full Moon Edition will be kicking off on Saturday, December 10, 2011!!!

Time to dust off your Santa suit! Do I really need to dress up you ask!? YES!!! This is a costumed affair! If you don’t want to be Santa, be creative, just as long as it is in the spirit of the holiday season.

Norfolk SantaCon (a.k.a. the ORIGINAL Norfolk Santa Crawl) is coming to town!!! Stay tuned to the event page (or Norfolk Santa’s page) for updates on getting your Santa on this year. It does fall during a full moon, so it should get extra cheeky this year ;-)
Santa will also be shooting for quality and not quantity this year, so he has reduced the number of stops to the most Santa friendly establishments in downtown so he can spend some quality time with his naughtiest fans, ho-ho-HO! Make sure you have your best jingle bells on, because this year’s climatic end point will be Granby Theater where Santa will close out the night as only Santa can! Official kick off will NOT keep with tradition and NOT be at Baxter’s. This year we will start at the relaunched Wonderbar and work our way back towards Baxter’s, etc and eventually end at Granby Theater where you can watch Santa jiggle like a bowl full of jelly as he gets his groove on ;) This should make for a shorter walk back at the end of the night.

Santa’s made a bar list. He’s checked it twice.

8:00pm – 8:30pm – Wonder Bar

8:30pm – 9:00pm – Backstage

9:00pm – 9:30pm – Scotty Quixx

9:30pm – 10:00pm – Baxter’s

10:00pm – 10:30pm – Fahrenheit

11:00pm – Close – Granby Theater

Times are casually approximate. Coming late, Ebenezer? Call your fellow Santas to find out where we are.Or just walk around Granby. We’ll be easy to spot.

Also, Santa would like to do a riding of the Tide to help kick things off, so bring change ( if you would like to participate and prepare to HO your best up and down the rails. Those not wanting to ride can simple march with fellow Santas, as is tradition.

Now get out there and recruit for Santa!

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Are You Going to Norfolk SantaCon?

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The Other Fat Guys

While this Santa does not believe in pay-to-play, there is another group that does. But, with that said, they do it for good a good cause, so if you want to get some back to back weekends of Santa-ness in, check them out. Just make sure to join this Santa on the 11th!

Ghent Bar Tours – “Santa Crawl”

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Norfolk Santacon/Santarchy 2010

Here we go again!!! Number 5 is alive on the 11th!

The 2010 edition (5th annual) of the ORIGINAL Norfolk Santa Crawl / Norfolk SantArchy / Santacon will take place on Saturday December 11 in downtown Norfolk.

The premier holiday event of the year returns to its original Saturday origins. This should give all the Santas that live outside the immediate 757 area plenty of time to hop on their sleighs and get their jolly butts to Hampton Roads, so no excuses for not being around for this year’s event. Those other guys will be out the weekend before, but Santa doesn’t care, because Santa knows who was first, and who is still the best! Except no imitations, this one is the one and only Norfolk Santarchy/Santacon (aka ORIGINAL Norfolk Santa Crawl)!

So, grab your Santa suit! Dress like Santa (or one his helpers), drink some “holiday spirits” and spread Joy. Themed Santas or other holiday characters are especially encouraged. Last year we had Ralphie in his bunny suit and it was awesome. Be creative. Santa might even give a prize to the funniest/sexiest/most original costumes this year… if he doesn’t blow his money on booze first.

This event falls under the SantArchy/SantaCon classification in that we want maximum participation with the least amount of responsibility. So secure a Christmas costume, review the traditional rules, and meet us downtown for some Santa-rific shenanigans!

Santa encourages pre-gaming to start around 6, with all Santas assembling in the vicinity of Baxter’s about 8. From there, Santa will wonder down Granby from venue to venue, being jolly, and likely ending up in Hell (or it’s Kitchen at least) as a result of his debauchery.

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